Beat the Heat- Cool Summer Workout Tips

New England summers can be brutal. The humidity and heat make it hard to motivate yourself to get outside and exercise.

Here are some tips on how to stay cool during your summer workouts!

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Make sure you are drinking water all day- not just before or after your workout. Make sure you are sipping four to eight ounces of H2O every 15-20 minutes during your workout.

2. Go for a swim. Swimming is a great way to exercise because it works out your whole body! There are many different strokes that you can do to target and tone different muscles.

3. Run or walk in the rain. There are not many things more refreshing than a summer rain shower. As long as there is no thunder or lightening, running/walking in the rain is a great way to exercise and stay cool at the same time.

4. Find a shady trail or breezy beach. There are many trails in the woods with trees that offer shade in the summer heat. Beaches are also a great place to go for a walk or run because the water keeps the air a cooler temperature and creates wind.

5. Join a gym. Gym’s offer a great, air conditioned atmosphere that allows you to escape from the heat. If you can’t afford a membership then look up some YouTube videos online and workout at home!

6. Workout in the early morning or late evening.  The temperature is coolest in the early morning before 10 a.m. and late evening after 6 p.m.

7. Slow it down. If you are exercising in the heat make sure you take it slow and pace yourself. Don’t expect to go as fast as you would if it was only 65 degrees.