Insider: March Madness for Financial Fitness

Hey everyone! Good news. Faculty and staff are in the Get Moving UMass groove. Departments around campus are exercising and eating healthily as a team!

I had the pleasure of talking with Christina Williams who is part of the financial aid department here at UMass. Christina is part of  a committee called C.A.K.E whose responsibility is to come up with something fun for the whole office to participate in once a month.

So guess what they decided to do for the month of March!?


March Madness was a challenge aimed to get the whole financial aid office to get moving. The office was split into 4, random teams and given a team name: Team Dawley, Team Whipple, Team Stefanoni or Team Kellogg. Sound familiar?? Channel 3 graciously donated pedometers for everyone to help keep track of their steps. Participants gained points based on how many steps they walked each week. Whoever had the most steps at the end of the challenge got the secret, special, prize. The prize ended up being a whole week of free spin classes at The Town Bike in Northampton!

Teams were also assigned one day to bring in a healthy snack for the whole office. People brought in all sorts of delicious items including fruit salad, smoothies, carrot and celery sticks with peanut butter, hummus, grapes, strawberry salad, whole grain bread and more!

Challenges like this are a great way to get people involved in  fun, healthy, team building activities! Which department will get moving next?


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