Take the stairs

Take the stairs instead of the elevator to conserve energy, save time and burn calories.

How much energy could you conserve if you took the elevator instead of the stairs? We are going to be honest here: elevators do not use an astronomical amount of energy to travel up and down floors. However, to put it in perspective, taking a solo ride up or down two floors in an elevator is enough to fully charge your cellphone battery. Now factor in the amount of floors you travel daily, the extra people that ride the elevator with you and the total amount of trips that elevator might make in a day—you could charge a lot of cell phone batteries.

Will taking the stairs instead of the elevator save me time? If you have ever lived in an apartment complex, traveled in a high-rise in Southwest, studied at the W.E.B Du Bois Library or worked in a skyscraper, you already understand that a wait must be factored into your travel time. Then there is also a wait while you ride the elevator and it stops on each floor to pick up and drop of riders. Taking the stairs down is easy, so do that as often as possible. Also, instead of standing around to wait for the elevator to reach the bottom floor, go one door over and take the stairs up.

Could I really burn calories? This is the best benefit of all–you can burn a lot of calories by choosing the stairs as your way up instead of the elevator. In fact, the average person burns about 10 calories per minute when they climb the stairs. Also note that if you are carrying a heavy bag or two, you can melt away even more calories. How long does it take to climb the stairs?  If you are climbing at a pretty leisurely pace, you can climb one flight (approximately 30 steps) in 30 seconds. This would mean that if you lived on the 7th floor, you could burn 35+ calories. Make this part of your work out for the day; you’ll notice your strength building and legs toning.

Join the Get Moving UMass initiative and start getting your friends to do the same. By taking the stairs you be part of a movement that is conserving energy, saving time and burning calories creating a lifestyle of l healthy living at UMass Amherst and in the surrounding communities.


One comment on “Take the stairs

  1. […] to be sedentary. To get moving, take a walk with your spouse, child, pet or a friend; use the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away from the store and get up to change the television […]

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